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I am 34 years young contractor living in Thane (MH) and have immense attraction towards women since my teenage. I got married 5 years back and have quite a good sex life. But of late, my wife, due to workload in her office, has lost some interest in sex. On the contrary , I am as usual, always looking, fantasizing about woman.

We have a maid ‘Rekha’who is probably 30 to 35 years young. She has been only for the last 2 months with us. She has to do cooking, washing clothes, cleaning utensils and cleaning the house. As I was busy initially, I could not or rather, you can say, she could not get enough time to look at each other. But as my work slowed down in rainy season, I stayed at home the whole day doing my yearly work on computer. At 10 morning my wife goes for office. She takes tiffin with her. “Rekha” comes at nine, finishes her cooking and then my wife takes the tiffin and goes for office. After that, Rekha does her remaining household works. On the first day of my “stay home period”, I got up at around 9.30 am. My wife was about to leave for office so she told Rekha to make a cup of tea for me. By the time Rekha made tea it was 10 am and my wife had gone for office. After making tea Rekha entered my bedroom. I was still on the bed reading newspaper. She said ‘saheb chaha’ . I looked up at her. She smiled, when I looked at her, so I too smiled back. I said ‘I just wash my face and come’. So she sat there in a chair waiting for me to come. After washing my face, as I entered the bedroom , she got up and said it seems tea is not hot enough .I will just make it hot’.I said let it be it doesn’t matter’. But she insisted and brought hot tea . As I was reading paper and enjoying my tea, she stood there infront of me and asked how is it. I said ‘good’ . As I was taking tea I saw her sweating so I said sit for a while and relax. She smiled and sat there on the edge of the bed. I was in a chair beside her around 3 feet from her. As I was reading the paper she took one page and started reading . As she was reading and I too, I just looked at her to ask her something. But as she was reading something keeping her head and eyes down I just looked at her for a moment. She was hardly 3 feet away from me so I could have very close look of hers.

She was wearing an ash colored sari with white colored transparent blouse. She had her front breast part neatly covered by sari’s pallu so I could see only the strips of her bra through the transparent blouse at her shoulder side. She was sitting in such a way that I could see her from her left side. She had tied her hair up on the head so her long neck was fully visible. She was looking very sexy in that hair style. From her left side, her side pallu was slightly up so the angular curves of her left boob covered with blouse was visible. It was very prominent, pointed and big like a pointed ‘hapus’ mango. I tried to see through the transparent blouse but I could see only white bra inside. I just had wild imagination to reach there, press my face against that mango and suck it. you are reading this story on As I was enjoying the side scene, she suddenly looked at me and caught me watching her beautiful mango. To my surprise, she reacted as if nothing happened, blushed and lowered her pallu to cover her boob side slowly, smiled at me and went to kitchen for work She was average height about 5.3, about 65 kgs and well figured. When she went inside slowly, making a cat walk, I watched her. She was in good shape. Suddenly I wanted to be with her, talk to her and enjoy her smile, her boobs, suck her nipples, go through her pubic part and fuck her.

These things started since then every day. Every day she would give me tea only after making sure that my wife had left for office. I also used to get up late so that I could enjoy her company from tea itself. Then she would smile at me then I used to take bath. Very often I would intentionally forget towel and she would give me the towel and while giving it, she would give me a naughty smile. I have a good body so one day she said ‘after bath you look very good in bear chest’. Encouraged by her words, I used to stay for sometime at home after bath, bear chest and with shorts only. I noticed many times, when I was busy in doing my work she would stare at me. I caught her many time. I asked her ‘what’ she would smile and run for work.

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One day when I was doing some work on computer she came to my computer room. I asked ‘finished your work’. She said ‘yes’. She said ‘I want to learn computer’. I said ‘come sit. I will teach you’. She sat beside me in a chair on my left side. She said if you teach me ‘I will give you gurudakshina if you want. I asked ‘what will you give me?’.

She said ‘anything you want’.

I said ‘anything?’.

She said ‘yes’ . I said ‘see, otherwise after learning this you will forget. She said ‘no way I will not. whatever you say I will give’ and then she gave me a naughty smile and said ‘I know, by the way what you can ask for’ . I asked ‘what?’ . She stared at me for a moment and said ‘I will not tell but that dakshina will give you great pleasure I am sure’ and again she smiled. One day when I was teaching her the basics of computer, she was busy looking at monitor, I noticed her pallu slipped off her shoulder and rested on her left arm exposing her boobs. I just couldn’t help myself from staring at her boobs. I could see the big cleavage in between the 2 boobs. The white blouse was hardly seemed to be holding those mangoes. Both were pointed forward. From the corner of her eyes, she noticed that I was enjoying those heavy tits but neither she lifted her pallu nor showed any sign of discomfort.

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