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I then inserted my face hard on her panty pubic part. It was very soft.After kissing for few minutes, I slowly lowered the panty slightly down. I saw little hairy part of her pubic area. I lowered the panty completely down and pushed my face and literally tried to insert in her hairy triangle pubic part and stared kissing all over the hair . She moaned ‘shaeb kiss me down’. I then went down. It found those spicy lips of her clit in that heavy jungle of hair.

I finally parted those wet lips apart slightly by my fingers and inserted my tongue in between. It was wet slightly salty. I licked the juice accumulated between those lips and took both the lips in my mouth and started sucking. It was very tasty. I wanted to take the entire portion of the clit in my mouth . With my face pressed hard against,I continued sucking both the lips of her clit. you are reading this story on

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Rekha was moaning very loudly now aaaaaaaaaaaah!aaaaaaaaaaaah!. I removed panty completely out of her legs by one hand and threw it and again started sucking those wet lips of her clit. After 10minutes she suddenly sat up, pulled my head up towards her head , pushed me on my back, went on top of me , held my face and then took my lips in her mouth and started sucking very hard. She was moving her fingers all through my hair and was just eating my lips like a hungry lioness. She was fully naked lying on me with her legs touching mine , her pubic part was brushing my penis and her boobs to my chest.

She then realized that my underwear is still on so she lowered it by her foot and removed out of my legs. Now we both were fully naked lying on each other. My penis was touching her pubic hair and her boobs pressed against my chest. My lips were still in her mouth . She was just eating , sucking , biting those lips of mine. My hand was now moving around her back, then lowered to her buttocks . I squezed the buttocks with my both hands . She moaned without leaving my lips. Suddenly she left my lips and went down and started kissing from my face till she reached my nipples. She took the nipple in her mouth and started sucking. It gave me immense pleasure and I started moaning now. She knew I am enjoying so she sucked it hard. She then lowered her right hand and caught hold my penis and started rubbing and squeezing and at the same time sucking my nipples hard. She could control the heat of my penis for few minutes and she sat up on my body and said are you ready saheb I said you better sit on me .You will enjoy more than if you go down. She said ‘I have never done like this before with my husband. He always ride on me’ . I said ‘you try this time riding on me’ ‘you feel great’. She said ‘ok’. So she stayed sitting on me I said you take my penis in your hand and and give it the touch of your hole and then I will insert myself’ . you are reading this story on She guided my penis keeping it in her hand and then touched the hole surface. I slightly adjusted my penis with her hole to insert. I pressed hard and it went inside. She moaned loudly.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.. We both then took the position, adjusted properly and then she started moving her hole in and out for some time. We both were paining with heavenly joy when her hole and my penis were in friction. She was vibrating as if she was riding a horse. Finally she said ‘I am about to release please you also do’. I said ‘I am about to explode’. She said ‘go ahead saheb. I am in my safe period. Nothing will happen. Go and explode . Release your liquid’. I was just waiting . I was in my peak of excitement and so was she. I immediately released, same moment she also released hers. It was a great moment of excitement.

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Now we both had lost out energy. She lay her head on my chest in the same position without removing my penis for half an hour. We both were tired and it was time to relax in each other’s arms. So we let ourselves cool down. After half an hour she sat up and said ‘remove your penis?’ I said ‘ok’. So she slowly removed mine and came beside me and lay beside me keeping her right arm round my chest. Holding my face in her both hands with lots of love, ‘saheb’ she said, ‘I have not had this much pleasure till now. This is the first time I have reached my highest limit of pleasure’ and she kissed my lips with satisfaction and love.

She further whispered in my ear ‘you have really given me all I want. You have fully satisfied me. Are you satisfied too?’ I took her in my arms, kissed her lips and said ‘yes it was a great pleasure’. It was 3 o’clock by then she said I have to finish my work let me go I didn’t remove my hands, hugged her tight. She moaned. ‘Please saheb. After this I have to go home also. If I am late my husband will get angry’. Still I did not leave her. She then kissed me hard on my lips and said ‘saheb don’t worry. I am all yours . I know you are not getting enough from your wife so do I from husband. I am equally like this sex love as you do. The fire is at both ends equal. Is it not?’ I said ‘you are right. Now I cannot live without you. I want you always in my arms’. She said ‘control yourself saheb. I am going to stay here only and so do you. So we will always be together for sometime of the day. Atleast for few hours’. She then kissed me. I too kissed her on her lips. She got up naked, collected her bra from under my head, panty from under the bedsheet, petticoat from floor, and sari lying on the floor . She then wore the panty. I was watching her. She said ‘what are you looking at saheb?. You have just had every thing.’ I said ‘I am still hungry’ . She said ‘tomorrow’ . I said ‘but tomorrow I want you in what I give you for wearing’ . She said ‘ok’ then she wore the petticoat, sari and bra and blouse and then went in kitchen for finishing her work.

Please comment if you would like my real story and then i will post my next story sex with my sister.

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