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He was always polite, greeting me warmly whenever I pulled the Volvo up to the pump. He spoke very little English, but always enough to say ‘Hello and ‘Thank You Kindly’. His uncle Rahman owned the Gas ‘n Go station he worked at. He had brought Asfaq over from somewhere in the Arab world when he turned 18. he had matured into a striking young man.

His sultry olive complexion was flawless under a mop of curly black hair. Asfaq’s eyes were large and smoldering brown and his eyelids darkened as if they had been shaded with kohl. His broad smile beamed out from beneath a thick, black mustache and neatly trimmed goatee that made his incredibly white teeth seem to glow.

My wife Sunaina never trusted him, always checking the total on the pump as he pulled the nozzle from the side of the car. Asfaq was always very careful, and never gave Sunaina any excuse to complain. She just had the typical middle-class fear of anything foreign or exotic, and certainly Asfaq’s dark brooding good-looks set off her internal alarms. He would take my card carefully, as if it were made of gold. He would return it to me clipped to the board, the pen offered to me in his strong calloused hand. And always that big engaging smile. He set off alarms in me, too, but I didn’t understand their meaning at the time.

I loved that Volvo, but even the best automobiles fall prey to the ravages of the road. There came day when I heard a noise coming from under the hood, and the engine died. Luckily, I was on a residential street so I coasted as far over as momentum would carry me and stopped in a parking zone. My cell phone was charged, thank God, as I’m the type to let it drain down in my briefcase until it’s useless. I have AAA programmed into speed dial, so in just a very short time the pickup came rumbling towards me from the Highway. I hadn’t asked the auto club for a station in particular, but I was relieved to see it was the familiar Gas n’ Go truck, and Asfaq’s Uncle Rahman was driving.

The old man had the Volvo hooked up to the back of the truck and we drove off into the evening gloom. I used the phone one more time to call Sunaina. Of course I got the third degree. Instead of understanding, she acted as if the breakdown was my fault! There goes her dinner. We were supposed to go to the Mall tonight. Now what will she do? Always about Sunaina…

Two huge fluorescent pole lights lighted the station, and a set of white neon lights hanging from the canopy over the pumps. The garish light made everything look ugly, sallow and dirty. A pimply kid of about 18 was pumping gas into a blue Mercedes, but the repair shop seemed to be closed. I noticed the repair bays were shut and deserted, except for a dark figure sitting at the desk inside. The old man opened a door, backed the car into an empty bay and unhooked it. The big truck growled as it pulled out of the station and sped around the corner and down the block. The man in the office came around to the garage and into the pool of light. It was Asfaq.

He was wearing a pair of very grimy coveralls. A day of working on automobile engines had left him covered in grit and grease. His hair was matted but still shiny and black, his face smudged with tire dirt and oil. His impossibly white teeth glowed in the dim light as he greeted me.

‘Mr. John! My goodness, what has happened to your vehicle? Open the hood, I will take a look to see!’

I reached out to shake his hand, but he pulled back, explaining that he didn’t want to soil me with his greasy hands. My eye wandered from his face to his thick neck, and the broad shoulders that filled out his coveralls. I could see that he was shirtless under the coarse denim fabric, his silky black chest hair escaping from the open collar. I felt my dick stir in my flannel trousers. What was happening here?arabian girl sex story

Asfaq stuck his head under the hood, and I came around the side to see what he was looking at. He mumbled and fussed with some cables and tubes, muttering in his native language. I couldn’t help checking him out as he bent over the side of the car. His shoulders were broad, and even in the rough coveralls I could see that his back tapered down to a slim waist and broad hips. His ass was full and large, like two firm rock-hard boulders. I stepped closer to see the engine. He reached behind him for the dirty red hanky that hung from his back pocket like a flag. Standing close, I could smell the gasoline and motor oil that covered Asfaq. I inhaled deeply, the exhilarating scent of this man making me light-headed. He turned around wiping his hands, and smiled.

‘Would you like to see your broken timing belt, Mr. John?’

I leaned in as he stood next to me. I sensed him pressing against my hip as I stooped under the hood of the car. His crotch touched my ass as we leaned in, pointing out the broken rubber belt. Asfaq closed his hand around my waist and pulled me closer. I trembled at his touch. We stayed like that for just a couple seconds, but it felt like minutes. Finally I pulled away from him and went into the office. This was insane. It couldn’t be happening. Sunaina was gonna kill me.

I saw his muscular body framed in the darkened door as he followed me into the office. He was still smiling, but somehow his expression had changed. He knew I wanted him! His coverall was opened further than before, his chest and stomach revealed. He took my hand and placed it on his hairy torso. His nipples were dark and large, rising out of the soft black hair that drifted across his chest and ran down his abs. Asfaq’s sleek coat of hair spread across his belly and continued under his waistband. I began to pull away, but Asfaq held my wrist firmly. I began to caress his muscular pectorals. He put his other hand under my chin and pulled my face to his. I gazed into his deep brown eyes as he drew me into a kiss. His mouth was hot and fragrant. It was unbelievable. I never kissed a mustached man before, and the sensation was beyond description. I was soon aching to have Asfaq, and I was ready to do whatever he wanted me to do.

My, my, Mr. John, what are we to do? I think you want me to make love to you, yes? I think I would like that very much too, Mr. John!

He held my head firmly by the back of the neck, rubbing my cock through the soft flannel fabric with his other large hand. His fingers flexed and grabbed at my erection. I put my arms around his shoulders and nuzzled my head into his neck. The scent of gasoline was intoxicating. He pulled me into a hallway leading to a couple back rooms behind the office. The first room was a bath, and Asfaq stopped in front of the doorway.

‘Go into the other room, and make yourself naked. You will wait for me there. I will clean myself so I do not offend you.’

I was too far into this to pull out now. I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen. I had only been with a couple men in my entire life. (In fact, very few women. Sunaina had been my childhood sweetheart, and we married long before I was aware of my ambiguous sexuality.) As Asfaq cleaned up, I nervously stripped. I pulled my pants off, exposing my smooth white legs. I continued by unbuttoning my shirt and pulling the athletic tee over my reddish-blonde hair. In the dim light I looked at my hairless chest. Good definition, not bad for an old married guy! My chest was solid, my stomach flat and lean. I thought of Asfaq’s iron hard chest covered in a flurry of black hair, and shuddered.

I shivered naked at the edge of the cot and listened to the sound of the shower in the room next door. Through the grimy window I saw the skinny gas pump jockey hanging out at the light post, joking and laughing with some neighborhood friends. I wondered what he would think if he looked in the window right now. The water stopped, and I heard a door open in the hall. Asfaq came into the room with just a yellow towel wrapped around his waist. He was magnificent. The water dripped off the rich dark locks on his forehead. His smooth amber skin stretched across a truly muscular body, accentuated with dense mats of glossy black hair that tapered off across his chest and abdomen. His arms were powerfully developed, lined with veins that traced across his enormous biceps. He rubbed his broad palms into the downy hair on his belly, and the towel dropped to the floor. Asfaq grinned as he stepped towards me. I was stunned, like a deer in the headlights. What did he want me to do with that incredible eight inches of stiff engorged dick? Thick and richly textured, it was much darker than the rest of his golden skin. His immense cock grew out of a mound of glossy black curls, and his potent balls dropped heavily between strapping thighs. He faced me in front of the cot, and holding me by the shoulders, pulled my face into his crotch.

It happened so fast, I hardly saw it coming. The head of his cock was suddenly pushing against my cheek, sliding around till it came to the opening of my mouth. Asfaq pressed against my face until the head of his unyielding erection parted my hungry lips. I couldn’t resist him. He plunged his shaft into my throat with a great lunge. I had to wrap my arms around his hips to keep from being knocked off my ass by his brutal thrust. He grabbed the back of my head in his hands and pulled me onto his dick till his soft, soap-scented pubic hairs completely filled my nostrils. My jaw ached as his cock swelled and lengthened in my mouth. He buried himself deep, far beyond my imagination. I gagged… he held still, his quivering shaft throbbing against my palate. He felt me relax, adjusting to the immense tube of meat lodged in my throat. His rigid rod popped out of my mouth as he gently lowered me onto the cot. you are reading this story on

‘Oh, my wonderful friend, we will both be very happy tonight, yes? You are a very handsome man. I think you like Asfaq, too? Come and lay with me, and we will do what you want, I will give you what you need, my love!’

His words sounded foreign, romantic, almost like poetry. I thrilled at his exotic use of language. He lay down next to me, my face in his crotch, his in mine. I felt his short-cropped beard on my thighs as he nuzzled his cheek into my pubic hairs. I took his cock into my mouth with no hesitation. I was ready to take this as far as it would go. Asfaq pulled on my hard dick with his rough hands, sending chills through me. I held his throbbing cock tightly in my mouth, swirling Asfaq’s pre-cum under his foreskin and over his slick mushroom cap with my tongue. I felt his mouth slide over my aching dick as his arms encircled my waist, pulling me into an inverted embrace. We were united as one, a full circle.

I will never forget the sensation of my cock in this dark, swarthy man’s mouth. And the incredible feeling of his manhood opening me, filling me, utterly satisfying me. We rocked together, sucking each other’s dicks almost to orgasm, but not quite…coming close many times, but holding off, hesitating long enough to prolong the exquisite pleasure.

‘I’m wanting you to make yourself do it in my mouth. I want to taste you my beautiful friend. Please let yourself go now…’

I felt close to cumming as he sucked harder on my cock, drawing his tongue across my dickhead and pulling me deeper into his throat. He pulled his own penis out of my mouth and held my head back. I got the message that he didn’t want me to continue blowing him, so I relaxed and let him work on me solo. He was a master cocksucker. I wondered where you go to learn such techniques. Must be some Middle-Eastern/Oriental Karma-Sutra secret. His beautiful head bobbed vigorously on my stiff cock. He continued to pull on me with his heavy, full lips as I shuddered and blew a great thick load of cum into the back of his throat. He gasped for air as he pulled himself off my cock, laughing and gripping me as my cum ran down his chin and smeared on my thigh. We hugged each other until I stopped shaking.

‘Please, I must have you now. You must let me take you. I will be gentle like a lover, but you cannot resist me. I have dreamed of the day when I would have you alone, no one to stop us from being like one with each other.’

I knew what he wanted. I had only been fucked once before, and it was not a pleasant experience. I felt very strongly about Asfaq, for he had sent me to heaven that night. I hated to let him down, but I also hated to ruin an amazing encounter with a painful ending. Asfaq turned himself around and held me in his arms, focusing his big brown eyes on mine, searching for my answer. I wondered if he would let me say no, or if he would force himself on me? He reached over to the floor and took a condom out of his wallet. He handed it to me.

‘This is for you to choose. Take it and throw it away if you want. Or put it on me, and let me make love to you. Only you will decide.

I said to myself back when we started that I would let him do whatever he wanted to do. He was incredibly powerful; I was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I could only think of that magnificent, dark, imposing man and the gorgeous dick he was offering to put inside me. I tore the little foil package open and grasp his still rock-hard dick in my hand. you are reading this story on I placed the latex ring on the tip of his angry brown shaft and slowly rolled it down to the base. He hummed and cooed in my ear, holding me close and rocking me in his solid, muscular arms. He pulled me up and sat me against the headboard as he placed his torso between my legs. His weight felt wonderful. I instinctively pulled away but Asfaq was a gentle, persuasive partner. Soon he had my legs in the air with my feet pressing on his mammoth furry chest, his cock pressing on the puckered ring of my ass.

‘Please my love; let me make you happy tonight. I will place myself into you and we will have joy of being close together. I must take you now, so please do not cry out.’

He put his mouth on mine, and we kissed. I had never really experienced a passionate kiss with a man. His tongue slipped past my lips and traced lightly against the roof of my mouth. The tickling sensation made me gasp, and at that moment he pushed his fully erect prick into my (almost) virginal asshole. I saw lights flashing in my eyes, as they rolled into the back of my head. The pain was searing, like a column of molten lead had been poured into my gut. He began to pull out, which only intensified the pain. But on his next thrust it became easier, and soon he was shoving his entire glorious length into me on every stroke. I can’t say the pain went away, but the wonderful feeling of being occupied, of fullness, was very satisfying. I clung to him, wrapped in a feverish embrace as he sweated and grunted over me. His back was slippery as I grabbed at it to pull him closer to me. He held his face over mine, so he could look into my eyes as he fucked me. The perspiration ran off his nose and fell on my face. I licked it from my lips and tasted Asfaq’s salty tang.

‘You are a wonderful lover. I can see the joy in your face, my beloved man. You show me that you want me inside you. It makes me want you even more!’

His body tensed, and I felt his muscles contracting in spasms of ejaculation. His cock swelled and engorged in my ass, the thick cum rushing up the prodigious fleshy tube. He pressed me into the mattress and groaned loudly.

‘Ungh, Ungh, oh, I’m going to release myself into you. Ohhh, feel me in you, feel me as I make you mine now, Ohhhh, fuck, YES!’

His back arched and his body jerked as he shot repeated loads of cum into the condom, deep in my gut. He slumped down onto me, his chest heaving against mine as he fought to catch his breath. I was in a trance, my body picking up the electrical energy from his, sending pulses and signals through every nerve ending. We trembled together in ecstasy, his dark, hairy body intertwined with my fair, freckled limbs on the gray sheets of the cot. I lay exhausted on his powerful chest with my head in the crook of his arm, our soft slippery dicks lying against one another. His cum-filled condom lay on his belly, a bloated reminder of our passion.

I could still feel the sensation of him in my sore, stretched out asshole. Asfaq tenderly traced his fingers up my spine to my head, combing them softly and gently through my fine hair.

‘I possess you now my love, you are like a woman to me, I belong to you and you carry a part of me with you always!’

It will forever be my favorite station. Asfaq is so attentive, filling my tank with care and topping it off for free, always checking my oil and transmission fluid. I take him to lunch on Saturdays while Sunaina is at her spinning class. Of course, we always meet at the station on Tuesday nights so he can check my other fluids. It’s a good arrangement, and a satisfying one.