Three In One Sex Full Fun Story

I draw your attention of the readers to the story of Hiral, and his sister Sheela. They were indulging in sex regularly because she was told by her similarly placed friends that incest is a sin only when you get pregnant. Other wise if it is for pleasure it is safe and more enjoyable.

They indulged in every kind of sexual activity and without disturbing their study schedule they were passing days and weeks. One day Sheela told Hiral about her friend Justina who was regularly being fucked by her cousin was feeling devastated because her cousin had gone away for work and now she does not have anybody to fuck her in her family,

she asked for humanitarian help from the brother of Sheela. Sheela asked Hiral he objected initially and said he does want to be known as an expert fucker in her circles. Sheela, laughed and said no, no, there will not be anybody, this is a pitiable case, if you can please help her. He asked Sheela how is she what is her nature etc. Sheela said she is just an ordinary type.

Ok, let her come for combine study with you. She should come only when you are here. Sheela agreed. Next day she told Hiral that Justina may come for tuition in the evening. Next day as soon as Sheela left for college, Sheila aunty called from her kitchen window for Hiral loudly. When Hiral responded, she asked him to go over to her house urgently.

Why what is the problem aunty, asked Hiral. She siad come, I will tell you here as soon as you come. Poor Hiral there is some emergency and rushed to the house of Sheila. Sheila said, you see…….. and took him inside her bedroom and closed the door and said I wanted a fuck urgently and my cunt is itching and aching.

Oh, aunty, I thought it is some emergency and that is why I came running. It is ok, it is certainly an emergency for me. Come on get ready, she said. He asked has Kirti gone to the school. She would have taken breakfast and gone to school. But Kirti was very much there as it was a holidy for the school.

Kirti knew that her mother will have a fuck with Hiral uncle and she was eager to see all the details. Sheila undressed and asked Hiral to get undressed and come as she was in a hurry to get his cock into her fuckhole. After she took such a monster inside her hole, she cannot think of anything else other than fucking again with his tool.

Hiral pushed his cock into her hole and as usual it slowly moved in and Sheila was enjoying every moment of that entry. Though her husband had fucked her many times, this pleasure is great and supreme. As it was going in she kissed him on her cheeks and neck. Kirti took her place near the window and started to wriggle her finger into her virgin hole.

Hiral supporting his body with both of his hands fucked her deeply. Then he pulled out and asked her to stand on her fours so that he may fuck her on doggy style. He inserted his took between her thighs and reached her fuck hole and it went deep in. She too moved her torso forward and backward while Hiral fucked her deeply from behind. Kirti was flabbergasted.

Loud moaning sounds were coming from the mouth of her mother. Then they changed the pose again. He lied in the bed flat on his back and Sheila straddled him and inserted his cock into her cunt and started to move in a rotatory and then started to jump up and down while Hiral was squeezing her boobs. Finally he tempo increased and they both reached their orgasms together.

The virgin pussy of Kirti also oozed her cum. When her mother went to wash to the bathroom, Kirti went to her upstair bedroom. Hiral went to his house and took bath and wore fresh clothes and waited. He say Sheela and her friend coming with bunch of books in the hands.2018 best sex story

As soon as they entered the house, Sheela introduced her friend Justina to Hiral. Hiral said hello and Justina responded. He noticed that Justina had fully developed boobs not sagging a little. Her raised asses were very attractive. As Sheela went to the kitchen to make tea, Justina and Hiral climbed the stairs and went to the their bedroom.

Justina placed her books and and came to Hiral with wide open arms for hugging and kissing. Hiral kissed her and his hands were pressing her boobs. She did not want to waste time. She removed her t shirt and bra and her naked boobs were exposed. Hiral removed his banian and lungi and underwear and his 7 incher was dangling.

Justina was amazed at it size and she kneeled in front of him and took it in her mouth and gave him a nice blow job. Hiral’s hands were squeezing her boobs. He lifted her and they both moved to the bed, he made her to lie down, lifted her legs and saw her hairless pussy. He placed his face on her cunt and licked it from bottom to top.

His tongue played with her clitoris and his lips pulled it out. Justina was moaning. Hiral got up and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in. As Justina has had many such sessions with her cousin there was no hitch. As the action started, Sheela came with cups of tea and was happy that Justina’s desire is being fulfilled.

Kirti was looking at the action with great interest, when she heard the door bell ringing. She went down and opened the door and found Kirti was there. She asked what Kirti what do you want. Kirti said she wanted to meet Karthk Uncle. No Kirti his is busy now with one of my friends taking tuitions, please come after some time.

Kirti said I too came to get some doubts in English language to be clarified. She went back promising to come back after some time. When Sheela went up, she found Hiral and Justina in a different pose fucking. Both had immense capacity to withhold and prolong, they were fucking in different poses enjoying sex to the maximum.

Finally they both had orgasm and Hiral wiped his cock in a towel and Justina ran to the bathroom. On coming back she kissed Karathik and remarked that this is best sex she ever had and her cousin did not last this long and his tool was also slender than Hiral. After drinking tea, Justina left, after thanking Sheela and promising to come again.

Hiral and Sheela cleaned up all the mess in the room and it was evening and at any moment their parents may come. It was at 7 pm Kirti came and the mother of Hiral met her. Why Kirti, what brought you asked the aunty. I wanted some doubts in English language clarified from Hiral Uncle, she said. Aunty called Hiral and asked him to help Kirti with her English lessons.

When Sheela was helping her mother in the kitchen, Kirti and Hiral went upstairs. On reaching the bedroom, Hiral asked what is the doubt. Kirti said I will tell you my doubt later. But I saw you doing it to my mother, yesterday and today. She seemed to enjoy it very much. I want you uncle, please give me the pleasure which you gave to my mother.

No, No, you are only a child, and I cannot do it with you, said Hiral. I will give you tuition, but no sex. The girl started to beg, please uncle, if you refuse, I may have to go to my other neighbour, Mohamed, who will certainly fuck me, but ask me to marry him and get converted to Islam.

I will be lost to my family and my father and mother will be heart broken and my father, a heart patient may suffer a heart attack. Please uncle, I am no more a child, I am fully grown for sex, not for child birth. Please dont make me pregnant. Just sexual enjoyment like my mother. Because my father is not there she made you fuck her.

Similarly I will come here for tuition two times or three times a week, teach me for half an hour and the next half hour we will have sex. I will ask my mother to inform you and she will make a request to you to give me tuition so that I can come to your home without being questioned by anybody. Hiral was amazed at the sharp thinking of the girl.

He asked her whether she knows her safe days. She said yes, I will come only on safe days. Ok, you ask your mother to talk to me, said Hiral. Sheila called Hiral next day and told him to give tuition to Kirti in English grammar. He agreed and Kirti came to Hiral and went straight to the bedroom and closed the door.

He wanted to tell Sheela about the tuition to Kirti since they dont keep any secret between them. Sheela was shocked as Kirti was hardly 16. Sheela said dont bolt the door, just leave it closed. I will come in the middle and help you in case of any problem. Hiral removed one by one, the pieces of dress Kirti was wearing. Kirti had beautiful hard boobs and tiny nipples.

Her navel was flat and narrow waist. Big thighs and football sized ass. Her pussy was covered with thin strands of hair. Sitting on the chair Karathik hugged her and kissed her boobs and cheeks. He made her to sit on his lap with her legs on his both sides. He took his cock and brushed the tip on the clitoris. The girl was wriggling with shyness and pleasure.

She put her hands around Karathik and hugged him. Hiral to arouse her brushed his cock on her clit more vigorously. Fluids started to flow from the cunt of Kirti. Hiral made his cock wet with the fluids and try to enter her fuck hole. But her fuck hole was too small. But Hiral keeping her tiny nipples in his mouth and pushed his cock into the hole.

Suddenly the door opened and Sheela came in. She started laughing and said Kirti is only a child why are you bothering her Hiral, she asked. She only asked for it, said Hiral and asked Sheela to get a bottle of vaseline. Sheela took out the bottle of vaseline. took a scoop from it in her finger and made Kirti to lie down flat on the bed and making her legs wide open, applied it in fuck hole.

Kirti covered her face with both of her hands out of shame. Sheela applied some vaseline on the cock of Hiral and urged him to proceed. Hiral pressed his cock into the hole of Kirti and she was crying with tears rolling down her cheeks. With one massive thrust, Hiral made his entire cock enter the hole.

Sheela was squeezing both the boobs of Kirti to enhance her pleasure. Leaning on her Hiral fucked Kirti with full force and Kirti suddenly started to feel the pleasue and her crying stopped. Kirti asked Sheela to kiss her on her lips and both the girls were enjoying. Sheela asked Kirti to lick her pussy. Kirti agreed.

Sheela lifting her pettycoat sat on the face of Kirti and pressed her pussy on the mouth of Kirti. Hiral felt the internal cunt muscles tightening and Kirti was getting her first orgasm. Hiral also arrived at his orgasm and he shot his fluids into the young cunt of Kirti. Kirti sucked the clitoris of Sheela and she too got her orgasm.

It was a three in one performance and successfully completed. They promised to meet again the next day, they all departed kissing each other.