sister caught sex with cucumber

Hi, I am Zain, 21. I asked my sister if she could make me a salad and she said “hmm I will see.” I told her i am going out too see my friend and il be back in a while.
My mate didnt turn up so i went upstairs with out telling her. I assume my 22 year old sister thought i was gone, she was in the kitchen and had music playing so she did not hear me. For some strange reason it occurred to me that I should scare her.
Our kitchen has 2 entrances; the first one that comes out to a room, this room normally has its lights switched off and any one in the kitchen can not see inside and the door is made of glass which is always locked.
I wanted to go through the other normal door behind her and make her jump. I thought i would make sure and see which way my sister was facing.
So i went to the locked glass door and peeped through so she cant see me but i can.
Next thing i know she is sitting on a footstool facing the glass door which i am looking and sitting past and she is slowly taking a CUCUMBER up her pussy!!!!
My parents are quite strict and dont let my sister wear whatever she wants etc. but they have gone on holiday and i dont really mind what she wears at home, as i know she is a girl and has feelings and wants too look hot and ive also been out with her while shes wearing tight jeans and see through top etc (still modest).
Any way she was wearing her night gown which she only wears in her room in her bed, as my parents would not like her wearing this around the house. But I am more westernized and consider it as perfectly normal… btw my sister is sooo very HOT.
So her night gown is fully opened and she is slowly moving the cucumber which is about 10 inches in and out of her pussy and she is moaning slightly with her eyes closed!!
I was seriously amazed and shocked, it was like WOW MAGICAL!! she was sitting really close to me through the glass door. But she couldn’t see me and I could, her plum shaven pussy staring me right in the face, so close I could have touched it if there was no glass.
I could see her pussy juices glistening in the LED spot lights, my sister Sanah then sucks and licks the cucumber puts it back in her pussy and starts sliding it in n out more quickly then moans louder and then shudders and has an orgasm .i cudnt move.. my eyes were transfixed examining her beautiful body and her now keeping about 6 inches of the cucumber inside her sat there.
I imagine her like an Innocent angel as she is my sweet sister.
I didn’t want to shock her, So morally i texted her on her phone saying il be home in 2 mins, Open the front door as i need to go to the toilet (only thing I could think off to let her know I was coming or Cumming LOL )
she texted back saying OK BRO x. with one hand as she did a few last strokes with the cucumber she gasped as she took it out of her tight vagina.
I see her putting her gown back on goes to unlock the front door. i was still in the room thinking about what I had just witnessed I could see my salad plate. Next thing i know she comes back hurriedly and starts slicing the same cucumber that was in her pussy and putting it in to my plate without even washing it!!!! She may have forgot.
To be honest i was actually quite aroused. but i think she did it in a hurry as i would come home and moan why my salad wasn’t ready .
Well i come in the living room and sit down and ask hey Sanah i am feeling really hungry do you have my salad ready? she goes ” 1 min zain “she brings the salad to me.
I start eating in full knowledge that the cucumber has my sisters pussy juices drenched all over it, she is sitting next to me I say “mmm this tastes nice” she chokes a little on her water.
she goes “wow first time you said something like that to me” i go “am i that bad?” and i by purpose lift a few pieces of the cucumber up and sniff it and say “but it smells a little fishy”, she instantly goes redd lol and i go “whats up ? why yu red for?” and she says “nothingg am not reddd , whats wrong with youu.” I start Licking the cucumber and say ” yhh this is nicee” “got a nice twist to it, what sauce did you use ?”
She is staring at me with a open mouth. I…I… she clears her throat and she goes ” hah nothing erm… it’s a secret ingredient I’m not going to tell you ” “anyway am goin bedd” i go ok and she gets up to leave very startled and visibly blushing near enough as the red on her gown…. I tell her w”ell i know whose making this special salad for me next time then.”
well this is what happened what do you think i should do? ignore it . i think i should? anyway thought id share this with you.